40 anniversary surprise

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My children and I all planned a surprise for my Wife on our 40th anniversary. I told the Wife I wanted to spend our anniversary up on Toledo Bend just me and her. Well I could see that she did not really like the idea but she went along with it. We were down on the pear fishing when her brother and his wife just walked up and she could not believe her eyes. Then a little while later all the Children and grandchildren started showing up so she had a great time. Then all too soon it was over and we all went our separate ways. I always knew I was blessed to have a Woman, Fiend, Caretaker, Cook, Part-time Doctor, Cleaner, Sower, Washer, companion by my side for the last 40 years.


Tim Hondo


  • KTeacher
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    Happy 40th!

    And to be able to surprise your wife!  Great memories.  We are a year and a few months behind you.

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    hondo, congrats to you and

    hondo, congrats to you and your wife.  i'm so glad the day made some special memories for you both and that you were able to pull off the whole surprise thing.  Great job.  here's to another 40 years.

    God bless you,


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    Happy 40th

    I'm glad you and your wife had a wonderful 40th anniversary. I understand what you mean, next year is my 40th.


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    Such wonderful news.  Congratulations on reaching the 40th milestone.   You have been blessed. May you and your wife be blessed with many more happy and healthy years together. 


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    Happy 40th!!

    What a sweet surprise and such a blessing to celebrate 40 years!  I hope y'all have many, many more!

  • Ladylacy
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    Happy 40th glad you were able to surprise your wife.  That's wonderful.  

    Wishing you and your wife many more years to come.


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    Sounds like a well deserved plan and vacation..., congrats.



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    great time

    it is a great idea to celebrate 40th. you have a big family to fun with you. Congradulations.

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    great time

    it is a great idea to celebrate 40th. you have a big family to fun with you. Congradulations.

    Happy Anniversary

    Sounds like you are obviously the perfect match!

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    Congrats on such a huge milestone. Glad the day turned out well and memorable.

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    Congrats Tim :) and cheers to

    Congrats Tim :) and cheers to more and more years to come. God bless your family

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    Happy Anniversary. May God

    Happy Anniversary. May God bless you with many more.


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    What a surprise to lady who has stayed by your side!.. Toledo Bend?  Haven't been there in awhile.. sounds like we are in the same neck of the woods.. hope the fish were biting, and y'all are staying tough!

    Stay strong.