doctors fighting Lump. vs. Masc.

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I went to a second opinion surgeon who specializes in breast surgery, and she said that providing tests (MRI and diag mammogram) show no signs, I may be able to have a lumpectemy.  I was very surprised to hear this, having heard I need mascetemy from my original oncologist, second opinion oncologist, and original surgeon, as well as my provider. The second opinion surgeon ordered tests from my home base as a convenience to me (she's in a big city 100+ miles away,  I'm in a small one), but my oncologist's office has said she can't do this (although my insurance has already approved it )and that any tests aren't going to make any difference in what kind of surgery they do anyway, they base their surgery only on pre-chemo tests.   So now there's  politics and toe stepping and I'm being blocked.    I'm 3c her2+, have completed my chemo and can't wait much longer for surgery.

Anybody else have to deal with conflicting opinions and how they solved them?


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    Sorry that you are having uncertainty.

    what was your reason for the second opinion? Do you want to save your breast. Since you are stage 3C? Your medical oncologist is recommending mastectomy despite that your tumor has shrinked during Chemo and looks small on recent MRI. Your doctor wants to treat you aggressively and remove breast and lymph nodes. What was the original size of your tumor? How many lymph nodes are involved

    You you want to save your breast you can choose a lumpectomy.

    i was diagnosed with stage 3C  6&1/2 years ago. I had mastectomy with reconstruction , 6 cycles of Chemo and 36 radiation treatments. 

    Good luck and Lets us know about your decision 

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    Lots of questions.

    Lots of questions.

    What type of BC, DCIS, IDC ILC, IBC?  Makes a difference in TX plan.  Why was neoadjuvant chemo ordered?  Again makes a difference.  What post surgery TX is suggested?  Lymph node involvement?  Stage III (especially IIIc) normally has node involvement.

    Perhaps a third opinion is in order with the differences in suggestions.  Have you actually seen the Dr 100 miles away or is she going off of info sent her?  

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