It's been a fairly good month!

After 3 months of hospital and rehab stays, my mother has been looking and feeling better! Her heart and kidneys are functioning better than they have been in the past yr. she's stronger and the wheelchair hasn't been used in weeks. She's able to bathe and dress w lil assistance needed. Her red count is still only hovering at 8.8 so she will continue to receive Procrit injections. 

I found a lovely nursing student to give me a break once or twice a month. Mom's a lil resentful about having a "babysitter", but I'm rarely more than 20 min from home and the leash is driving me batty! I realized I've become depressed and I'm now setting new goals and making "me time" while trying not to feel guilty for wanting to make steps to getting a bit of my life back. 

It's a great relief to see familiar faces on the discussion boards. You all have so much fight!


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    Great surprise

    How nice to hear from you and most of all to hear that your mom has been getting better and better.  You have both been through quite a time and it was pretty iffy at first.  It is truly good news.  You have been a devoted caregiver and now as you say, it's your turn.  I am sure that with all your mother has been through, she has become emotionally attached to you, who could blame her?  I think you have the right attitude though, to slowly add some quality time for yourself.  I know it is difficult for your mother but in time she will adapt.  Good for you to realize that you should not feel guilty.  If you didn't take care of yourself, then you wouldn't be as good for your mother.  So in a nice way you need to "get a life" Wink.  Please tell your mom how happy we are for her wonderful progress and to keep fighting.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you both and thank you so much for keeping us posted,


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    MsD831,I just want to say


    I just want to say that I took care of my mom for three yrs, she was 20 yrs cancer free . During her fight with cancer in the early 80 s she was told she had 10% chance of living. She beat it ! It was really remarkable. She was so incredibly sick at times and in hospitals for long periods and she still walked out of it.

    My point is nothing is impossible. 

    You are amazing for you selflessness to love and care for your mom. There are people out there who wouldn't do that.yes it's sad,but very true.

    My mom beat the odds and many more wonderful people on this forum or discussion board have beat the odds or are well on there way to do just that. Don't ever underestimate the power of love,courage, and hope. 

    As for you getting out for a bit to breathe your doing you and your mom a favor. If you are not refreshed it will only lead to frustration and resentments. 

    Taking time for yourself is making sure your mom gets the best care. Keep up the good work and remember to stop and smell the roses.

    Hope you will keep us updated. 

    Stay strong

    And thank you for all that you do.