4 years yesterday

Hi all:


Yesterday marked 4 years of Charlie's passing and home going.  It's still rough being without him of course.  I always read over the cards and letters and look at the book at all who came and then watch the dvd the funeral home did of the pictures.  Had to stay late at school last nite for curriculum nite for all of 2 parents who showed up!  Anyway it's fun looking at the dvd and pictures and then I also watched the dvd that Judy (who posted on here for a long time but did have a recurrence but never heard anything for a long time now) did for me.  That is what makes this website so special.  I think she may have gone by Judy V or something like that.  Anyway she contacted me and told me about how she makes these dvds with pix and music and I sent her bunches of pix and cd's for background music and she made me one.  It's so very special not just for the great memories it has on it but because she reached out to me and offered to do this.  This is such a caring place to be!


Anyway, did get my baby back Tues. afternoon (my car) and believe it or not the repair shop let me post date a check for small balance for next week.  How many places do that anymore?  And Hondo, I wish I were nearer Lafayette too so you could have fixed my car too!  Thanks for the thought!  Well, 4 weeks down and 5 more to go in long term sub.  I was so exhausted tonite I came home and slept for 4 hours so probably will be up late tonite!  In other news - being in the Atlanta area have of course kept up with the 2 ebola patients that were treated here and now released.  First of all, Praise the Lord and three cheers for good ole' USA.  I just hope and pray they now can get a handle on this terrible disease and stop this epidemic.  But so good to hear both patients say how prayer played a major report in their recovery.


Is it hot enough for y'all out there.  It's supposed to be 100-105 heat index here tomorrow.  Sure hope this hot weather gets out of here by next weekend so won't be so hot for our annual camping out at the lake in Chatt. with Beki and Steve and family.  Oh, please continue to keep Steve in your prayers; he wasn't eating all that great earlier this week so went back on the megace and has started eating better again.  Stay cool!  and God Bless!


Jan (Basketcase)


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    Jan, i'm glad you find

    Jan, i'm glad you find comfort in your memories and keepsakes.  they say time heals all but i wonder if that's true.  i find it just makes it a little easier to live with.  keeping steve in prayer.  so glad you got your car back and they let you post date a check.  NOBODY does that any more.  those are some really good people with old fashion ways.  wonderful to know some still exist like that.  thinking of you and praying you stay well.  God bless.


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    Time let's you........

    I can not say that time heals all wounds. It does let you keep all the great memories close to heart and the sad one seem to fall deeper away in my memories. I lost my father to the beast 30 years ago, but with time I can only recall the good memories. I don't think there were any else. [I'm sure at one time I had to have had sad ones] I can still see him setting in his chair in the living room with the TV controller in his hand. He never really put it down. Missing him is still there and always will be. Especially on his birthday and the last day. I was lucky and had six years to get prepaired and can say I have no regreats that I should have done something, or been there more often, because I was. Thanks to my understanding wife. She made sure I could go to be with him when needed or I just wanted to.

    Your great memories will be with you forever. It is good to hear Steve is eating a little better too. We will keep you all in our prayers.


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    four years

    Jan, I can't believe it has been four years.  My Jim was just finishing his treatments.  You are in my thoughts and prayers as always.