robotics lobectomy

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Just wanting to know if anyone has had robotics lobectomy  for nsclc, and what there experience was. I'm not sure if there going to do it yet , but I have an appointment again with the thoracic surgeon and he said if he did it , it would be robotically  I have read what it entails, but I havent seen to much on people who actually went through it, and would like there thoughts



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    robotic lobectomy

    I had the right upper lobe of my lung removed for carcinoid tumor/cancer via robotic assist in january.  I had 4 x 1 inch incisions  for the procedure and another 1 inch incision for the chest tube.  I don't remember much pain although I did take pain meds in the hospital.  I still have a bruised feeling on my right side when I sneeze or cough but aside from that, I'm fine.  I do remember being short of breath for about a month after. Good luck 

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    robotics surgery

    In March 2013, my surgeon attempted to remove the cancer from my right lung, when he got in there, he saw that the cancer had wrapped itself around a main vein that went to my heart, so he was not able to remove the cancer. I had 3 small incisions made for the robots arms and an one inch incision from the tube that went to my lung due to a collaspe lung. Almost 17 months later I still feel like I have brick inside my ribs from where the chest tube was. Also from time to time I have to take pain meds to help with the pain. As far as the incisions from the robot, I had little discomfort after about 6 weeks. I went and seen another Surgeon who wanted to slice me from front to back and reconstruct my veins and I opted to go with Radiation and Chemo and as of my last scan in June I was still in remissionLaughing