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My father (age 62) is suffering from stage 4 prostrate cancer.He underwent orchidectomy initially.Now he is taking honvan (thrice a day) as medication. Till now everything was fine until he experienced blood in urine and piles problem.Also he is experiencing burning sensation through out his gastro intestinal tract.His current PSA is 5.43.Please suggest what should be done..Is this medication correct


Please suggest ASAP.





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    Try getting a second opinion from a specialist


    For getting better answers , I think it better you share more details on his status and the initial diagnosis process that took to the decision on this treatment. Stage 4 is the classification given to advanced PCa case (located at far places) but one should try to identify where it is set. Is there any “picture” taken? Was the diagnosis based solo on symptoms?

    Honvan are sort of female oestrogens used in the chemo treatment of PCa patients when other hormonal drugs have failed. I wonder why your dad started the sequential with this drug. Some of his present symptoms could be due to this drug but they could also be due to the spread of cancer in organs. You need to consult an oncologist to get second opinions on his treatment.
    According to the manufacturer, the side effects of Honvan include; Nausea, fluid retention, arterial and venous thrombosis, impotence, breast enlargement in male, withdrawal bleeding, increase in blood calcium level and bone pain.

    A cheap drug used in advanced cases after a failed typical hormonal therapy is the Ketoconazole. The newer version is Zytiga. These are both weapons used in the second-line HT approach for advanced cases. You can search the net typing its name for details.

    Estrogens nowadays are rarely used in America or Europe but in India, in particular, doctors still treat advanced cases with the combo Orchiectomy plus Estrogens. My lay opinion based on your information is that his doctor is living in the past. He may get better if he finds someone specialized in prostate cancer treatments with the newer drugs and strategies.

    Best wishes for improvements and peace of mind.