Prophylactic cranial radiation

Karen L
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My husband received prophylactic cranial radiation in July of 2012. All seemed fine, then about 4 months after everything went south. He had a  stroke in 2005 but was doing really great, speech was good,memory fine and etc. Since this radiation he is always confused, his legs are like jello,he can not walk without help, in a wheel chair most of the time.  Doctors have told me that since he already had brain issues that the radiation probably has caused these symptons. Does anyone have any thoughts on this. He is in remission from his small cell lung cancer, praise God for that. 



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    So very sorry for the side effects.

    They can take time to manifest as you found out.  It would seem to me that he should start showing some improvement.  Has he had occupational therapy?   It would be wise to do some gentle wiggling type exercises to maintain some muscle tone.  The confusion could also be related to plaque in the carotid arteries.  ask for a carotid Doppler.  Also, is he taking Namenda?

    If the damage affecting his mobility is irreversible then the gentle exercise will enable him to help you move him about easier.