Blood transfustion (Blood doping) for cancer patients


Hi Everyone.

I was wondering if anyone has details or information regarding to giving cancer patients blood transfusion from a healthy donor.  Would it improve the quality of life with boost energy and healing?  Would the white blood cells in the donor blood help or not help or has an adverse effect to the recipient?

This is a question referring to patients who have finished with treatment and the medical community have done everything possible. 




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    It's a pretty expensive

    proposition, I'd think....not to mention, it's never risk free.   If someone is still feeling pretty puny after treatment is over.....and after a decent length of time has passed (like a year)....then I'd be looking at other things that might be the cause for feeling tired.  Like thyroid, or low hemoglobin.  I started taking iron at the beginning of the summer for low's done wonders for my energy and strength.