Just a quick update

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Hi Everyone,

Please know I am always around.

I have chosen to just lurk on this site the last year.. I am sorry.

I have been having a hard time trying to separate myself from dwelling on cancer.. I have it I know that . I will have it forever most likely - but you never know.

I am trying to live a life of happiness and peace..  and get on with living..

I have lost 2 people who were very motivating to me when I was first diagnosed just in the last month - who I will miss very much..

And Ladies I will tell you it is possible to get a date and develop realstionships with Cancer.. there are men out there who really have a heart and understand you are human and still here. They aren't easy to find.. but I will let you know I have found at least 3 in the last 3 years and I am just amazed and thankful everyday.. 

Lately I have learned that even those we are closest to don't relly understand our journey.. I was shocked at the little they actually understood.. I am thinking they are only hearing what they want to hear.. and that was a little discerning..

However, I just wanted you all to know I am still here.. I will try to check in more often...

Love you all,



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    Check in just don't check out

    You check in when your heart tells you to.  You have to do what is good for your spirit. 

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    I am glad you checked in. I

    I am glad you checked in. I have been trying to seperate myself from cancer as you have for years but it is seeminly impossible to me especially when I am in treatment. When I was NED it was a little easier. As you mentioned I have also found that nobody really understands fully even the people closest to us.