Update on my sweetheart

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Yesterday was a big day! Appointments with the surgeon and oncologist.

Radiation with 5-FU did exactly what it was supposed to do -- lots of cell death -- and my husband is ready for surgery. He's scheduled for a low anterior resection with a temporary ileostomy at the end of August.

After talking to his dad (he's a doctor), he's feeling better about what's happening next.

We'll continue with yoga. We're planning to push ourselves with core strengthening so he will heal more quickly after surgery. Time to get ready for the next big thing!


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    Wishing you the best and lots

    Wishing you the best and lots of healing. 




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    That sounds good!

    consider taking 2x400mg of cimetidine (over the counter) 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery. It seems to inhibit the spread of cancer cell during that time. 

    Good luck.