Posting again on the danger of Xofigo treatment

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Well, after my husband endured 6 treatments of Xofigo what life he did have at the time went steadily off the cliff. Now, 6 months later, the onocologist is calling it quits. The promise of this wonder drug is a lie. They test your blood before each poison injection, and the bloodwork clearly shows deteriation of the red, white blood cells, plus platelets, and yet the staff of girls tell my husband as i am wheeling him into the room how great he looks, how great the bloodwork looks, while he is barely aware of where he is. Then, after the last $11,000.00 dollar treatment, they literally shove his wheelchair out of the room, and call the next lamb to slaughter. All the while the Doctor smiles, rubs his hands together, and listens for the cash register to go cha-ching.

Now, his bone marrow is shot, his bones in his spine are disolving, and the 6 month extension that they promised came true. The only problem is, he went from being able to walk, talk, eat, use the tolet on his own, etc. to now, his brain is mush, he is in pain (bad pain) 24 X 7, and i had to watch this beautiful brain and man dissappear.

Women, don't let the Doctor's talk you up on this NEW WONDER DRUG, it is radium. The stuff they arm nuclear war heads with, it is poison, and once you ring that bell, you cannot unring it.

God Bless All Of You


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    I am sorry for your

    I am sorry for your disappointment and anger.

    Wish you and your husband peace.

    Take care

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     My best wishes to you and


    My best wishes to you and your husband in this very difficult time. It is clear from your post that you are under a great deal of stress. Xofigo is no wonder drug and if somebody gave you that impression that person should be scolded for not keeping up with readily available information.

    Xofigo is a drug of last resort for patients who are very sick due to castrate-resistant prostate cancer that has metastasized to bone. Unfortunately, your husband belongs in that group.

    With respect to some other facts, in a trial with more than 800 patients, Xofigo extended the median survival in men treated for castrate-resistant prostate cancer that had metastasized to the bones from about 11 to 14 months. In other words, patients in the Xofigo (treatment) group lived an average of 3 month longer. Median means that half the patients in the placebo group lived longer than 11 months and the other half shorter.

    The FDA approved the treatment last year, but it is clear that this drug is no wonder drug and won't provide a cure, unfortunately.



    It's clear that quality of life issues (treatment versus no treatment; side effects etc.) should be discussed with all parties involved, especially when considering additional treatments.

    Hopefully, you will find some peace in the days to come.


    PS: Radium is not usually found in nuclear warheads (uranium or plutonium will do 'just fine').


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    End Result?

    I am reluctant to ask, since it's been a few years, and I am assuming the worst- but I will risk it anyway. How does your story end?