Partial Robotic-An unusual experience.

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I suppose I grew up thinking cancer meant death and if anyone ever told me I had cancer, that I would freak out, act differently, change something and be terribly emotional. My experience seems somewhat surreal, even now 4 months after surgery.

In February, I had blood in my urine and did my doctors visits and CAT scan, with and without contrast. A few days later, as I was working, my wife called, freaked out, and told me to come home. Next day, the urologist said I had cancer. All of my expectations on hearing this did not materialize. I just said OK, now what do we do. Robotic surgery. A partial, which was scheduled in mid March. OK, cancer scared me not one bit, but I had never been in a hospital, and THAT freaked me out.

I made it to surgery, with a lot of wife pushing me along. Leading up to this, I never had any pain, symptoms, I felt fine as usual. Went in feeling fine. Surgery took about 3 1/2 hours I was told. I woke up groggy. Sitting up that night, my biggest pain was gas. That persisted until the 3rd day, when the relief came and I felt fantastic. I had some pain med drip, not sure if I needed it, but the gas was very painful. I was afraid to poop, but most things seemed to be in my mind, as I was walking the next day around the corridors.

I went home after 4 days, they gave me pain pills, but I never took one, as I never had any pain upon arriving at home. I had 5 scars, one bigger than the rest, which were most sensitive in my mind, they never caused any problem.

After surgery, of course, I had questions. I was told to go home, rest and enjoy life. What about radiation? Chemo? Pills? Nothing. It is gone, the only problem was my 5cm tumor and grown to 7cm and there was a question if robotic surgery was still the good option. I was back at work the 3rd week.

I must have won some sort of lottery. It all seems strange, as except for 4 days, I am the same now, as before. Of course I will have a scan again soon and will keep a lookout, but I keep asking myself how this could have been so easy and pain free. I really expected so much more problem. Of course I know I am lucky, but still not sure what to think....I do give credit to Doctors and Medicine these days. 40 years ago, I expect the outcome would have been different.


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    So far, so good



    What I and others try to do on this board is to try and consul many of the newbies that your experience and outcome is very typical for small tumors. Nobody likes hearing that you need major surgery right out of the gate. Do not get too far ahead of yourself because there is always a concern with a 7 cm tumor that problems can develope in the future.

    Like you the furthest thing from my mind 12 years ago was Cancer and whoever heard of Kidney Cancer.

    Unfortunately life is not perfect. Occasionally some of the newbies even with a good prognosis have a difficult surgery. Others start and carry a lot more baggage with their tumors. Others have challanges down the road with less than perfect kidney health.


    Be thankful that so far everything is good and may it stay that way. Kidney Cancer undetected grows and causes very bad outcomes. Sometimes the newbies need a little pushing when the doctor tells them maybe you can watch and wait for 6 months or a year. Once a tumor is over 2 cm or so nothing is gained by watching and waiting.



  • KsJohn, my experience was

    KsJohn, my experience was similar, except I had an open partial nephrectomy.  3 weeks ago tomorrow.  I feel great.  I also feel strange saying "I had kidney cancer."  My diagnosis was around May 1 and on July 10, the tumor was out of my body.  My biopsy was clean.  The whole experience is surreal, but I am blessed and happy my tumor was discovered early and removed before it became a big problem.  Life is good. . . .

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    Same feeling

    I had an open partial 5 months ago today and feel that I survived major surgery - not a "cancer survivor".   All I have is this red scar on my flank, that seems to tweak and pinch all the time as if to remind me.

    my first CT is in Sept.  I guess when I go to that it will bring back what happened.  But in the meantime, I will run, garden, play with my granddaughter, go to work, and drive my husband crazy 8-)

    We are survivors!  "Seize the day"s 8-)