Very nervous!

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So I just had a ct scan and ili just found out that I have bilateral renal cysts.  I have a 17mm wall calcification on my left kidney. I also have scoliosis so I always thought that i have  lower back pain due to the scoliosis and now to find this out, im really nervous and not sure what to expext.I go to my urologist tomorrow morning. If anyone could maybe help me understand and maybe what to expect tomorrow when I walk into the doctors office I wouldaappreciate it. Thanks Trisha


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    Renal cysts are common. Usually they pose no problem when they are small. The Urologist should be able to tell you if the 17 mm (1,7cm) calcification on your left kidney is of concern. In a worst case scenerio if it turns out to be Kidney Cancer it is very, very small (and caught very early),  but you are not there yet and hopefully will not be there. I assume the cyst on the other Kidney is smaller as you did not give a measurement. If you do not have a copy of your CT report, get it. I assume it contains more information than you posted.



    Maybe nothing, but thats what doctors are for.



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    Hi Trish,
    I really don't know

    Hi Trish,

    I really don't know much about renal cysts so unfortunately, I can't offer much by way of, words of wisdom.  I would however, be inclined to think your back pain is scoliosis related because of the size of the cyst(s).  Granted we're all different and, I don't have scoliosis so really, I'm not too bright on that topic either.  Guess I should just stick to moral support, huh?

    Iceman gave the same advice I would give, and that is to get copies of all your scans (just the reports), I also always get my blood results.  You will get a much better picture of what's going on inside your body.  It helps you to know what questions to ask, be it your doctors or, us. 

    Hope all goes well at your appointment  this morning and I hope you'll keep us posted.