curcumin, inflammation, and disease..

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I know this kind of post isn't for everyone.  

But for those who are interested in tweaking their diets and haven't yet heard about the potential beneifts of curcumin, here's s 35 minute presentation (technical at times), by Dr Aggarwal of UT MD Anderson Cancer Center.  He's been a researcher there for some time.

The essense of hs talk is that curcumin, along with a number of other plant derived substances, some of which he touches on, inhibits pathways which promote out of control inflammation which can aggravate cancer and other disease states.





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    I was taking Curminin when I

    I was taking Curminin when I went in remission almost 4 years ago, then stopped.  Which I hadn't, I am back on it, along with some other supplements.  Thanks for sharing...  

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    Thanks or sharing the info!  

    Thanks or sharing the info!   I use many of the plants as herb in our diet. 


    Best Always,  mike