Lung Cancer to spine

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Hello, I am new to the site and would like to hear about similar cases to ours; both good and bad.  My father (age 72) was diagnosed with stage 4 lung and lymph node cancer in 2011.  At his appointment this week the scan showed a spot in the T region of the spine.  We are now waiting on consult appointments with the Radiologist and the Neuro oncologist.  Right now he has decided on no more treatment.  He claims to be in slight pain, but we were wondering what to expect.   Thank you so much!


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    Welcome to the CSN!  Sorry

    Welcome to the CSN!  Sorry that you had to find us but its a good place to be.  For your dads decision not to pursue treatment, it is, of course, his decision.  Radiation will stop the growth and prevent terrible pain.  Eventually the cancer will cause the vertebrae to collapse.  He will not be able to get out of bed without help.  Hospice should be called in to help manage the pain, or a palliative care dr at the very least.