Cannabis Oil

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So, as my husband is under hospice care at home - i am wondering if Cannabis Oil would help him right now, or hurt him.  He was given Marinol by the doctor (an drug to make him want to eat made from the marijuana plant) it made him vomit everytime i gave it to him - so i don't know if he would have the same reaction to cannabis oil.





  • Dyanclark
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    the oil is much stronger but Marinol is pretty good.  The oil might help him sleep better.  

  • Lovekitties
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    Dear Sandi

    Have you checked with the doctor about additional anti-neausea meds, so tha the might be able to take the Marinol?

    My sister had great difficulty with neausea and the doctor prescribed a med which is given to pregnant women.  I don't recall the name but it was a made by the pharmacy compound in a substance which was put on the inside of the wrists and rubbed in.  It worked wonders for her.  The dosage was put in a syringe with no needle to make it easy to administer.

    Prayers for you both,

    Marie who loves kitties