19 months post recurrence diagnosis

Still dancing with NED.  Latest ct results and visit with onc keeps me in the clear.  Relief.  

Every day is a gift.  Keep fighting.  Hugs to you all.


  • babe12
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    What wonderful news!!! Congratulations & I'm dancing with you!!!


  • Judemo
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    Yeah!! Congratulations!

    This is very good news! Thanks for sharing! Congrats!

  • NoTimeForCancer
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    I am so HAPPY for you!!!! 

    I am so HAPPY for you!!!!  Congrats!!

  • FightingSpirit
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    Wonderful News

    Congratulations and lots of prayers for continued health.

  • ioanna
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    Congratulations!!! I hope you

    Congratulations!!! I hope you are always healthy and never have to deal with cancer again :)