I was wondering if anyone has had any issues with vision after chemo treatments

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Back in October of 2012, I went for a chest xray that my Doctor order so he could see where my  emphysema was at. What they found was a mass and after been tested  in Noverber 2012 they found that it was stage 3b lung cancer. In March of 2013 They attempted to remove the mass but were unable because the mass started wrapping itself around a main blood vessel. After going for a second opinion about having a second surgery attempt they wanted to do a reconstructive surgery to remove the mass and re-route the vessel. In April of 2013, I opted to have Chemo and radiation treatments. I had 5 weeks of chemo done consecutively. In July of 2013 I noticed that I needed to wear my glasses more, Now a year later, if I don't wear my glasses everything seems to be blurry, as where before my Chemo and radiation treatments, I just needed my glasses to read small prints. I seen my Eye Doctor back in March and he stated that my eye sight might get better after time, due to the chemo stays in the system for awhile. I find that my eye sight is not getting better. Has anyone else encounter this problem. Also my cancer is still in remission, no major changes since my last scan in May 2014. Previous scans September 2013 and January 2014 showed the same, no significate changes. 


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    I've not had any problems but

    I've not had any problems but would recommend that you take it up with your oncologist and see if an MRI might be advised.  Best to be careful. 

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    My wife just finished radiation due to vision issue. She had chemo and radiation for the past year and out of the blue her vision blurred. Called dr. and CT scan was ordered asap and turned out to be mets to brain single tumor 3.4 cm , radiation started . Ten treatments and after 2nd one vision improved. I do not want to alarm you but a scan now could tell you right away if that's the reason for vision issue. I hope in your case it's a simpler cause for your vision and wish you all the best ahead . Take Care