day to day normal stress of what people deal with

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On 6/11/14 we met with an oncologist and she "said" my husband has stage 1 recurring kidney cancer that has metastasized (he has 2 tumors in the lungs and several in the abdomen).

On 6/17/2014 we went to MD Anderson to get a second opinion because what I have learned online is that you can't be both "Stage 1" and "recurring and metastasized" together. They reran all the tests he has already done: Cat scan/XRay, blood tests.

On 6/25/2014 we met with another md anderson specialist oncologist for kidney cancer. He is requesting the pathology slides from my husband 2012 operation to review himself because the written report does not specify if the primary is clear cell or papillary. He did mention it is advanced and aggressive and stage 4.

7/10/2014 He couldn't determine from the pathology slides if the primary is clear cell or papillary so he decided to run more tests: Biopsy; Bone scan; MRI of brain. He still couldn't tell from the biopsy. 

7/23/2014 UPS was suppose to deliver votrient at 3:00 p.m. 4:30 I called and found out it was lost. Just had to add the day to day normal stress of what people deal with. I will post an update when I have it.

So it has been a month since we heard the words "advanced and aggressive and stage 4" and still haven't started a treatment plan.  My husband thinks it is because it is not that serious.  I have learned enough to know that it is.  We got the second opinion from MD Anderson because they are "the best".   Of course it's not their fault the pills got lost in the mail.  I'm starting to wonder if we should switch doctors and get a 3rd opinion but I feel like we are "almost there".