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I'm from the breast and uterine cancer boards.  One of my bffs was dxd with kidney cancer 5 1/4 years ago.  Now there is a mass in her left lung that cannot be accessed by biopsy (thoracic surgeon tried, he could not get to it).  He feels the mass is renal cancer mets, not a primary lung cancer.  We will visit her local oncologist Thursday for his advice and next step recommendations.  We're thinking she should get a second opinion before making any treatment decisions.  Afterall, they're not even certain what the doggone thing is.  Do any of you know a kidney cancer specialist in Northern California?  We're close to UC Davis, but UCSF and Stanford are possibilities.   In fact, she had her initial surgery at Stanford.   Her med oncologist is a good guy, but he treats all cancers and kidney cancer is rare, so he may not know everything current about kidney cancer.  In fact, he said initially that it did not have the typical appearance on CT scan of kidney cancer OR lung cancer so it might be infection.  Now the thoracic surgeon says he feels it is very unlikely that it's infection and he really thinks it's renal cancer so we already have 2 rather polar opinions - or maybe the oncologist was just trying to be positive.  She had a PET scan 2 weeks ago but the thoracic surgeon did not have those results (oncologist will but we won't know what those results were until we see him Thursday). 

She feels at this time she will seek a second opinion - just wanting to know if you folks know of anyone in our neck of the woods familiar with what would be Stage IV kidney cancer.   I'm thinking an academic medical center would be best since she seems to be so "special".  In fact, any sage wisdom you'd like to pass on would be appreciated - i.e., are the tumor marker tests (like PSA or CA-125 tests for prostate and ovarian cancers) applicable for kidney cancer?

thank you!


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    North bay docs

    at UCSF, Dr. Ryan is an oncologist specializiNG in kidney and prostate cancer. (415) 353-7171



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    Srashedb said:

    North bay docs

    at UCSF, Dr. Ryan is an oncologist specializiNG in kidney and prostate cancer. (415) 353-7171



    Hey Double Trouble.. I PM'd

    Hey Double Trouble.. I PM'd you...