whole brain irradiation



My son is a survivor. He got leukemia when he was 5 years, in 2001. He had whole brain irradiation, high risk chemotherapy and, when he had a relapse of the disease he got a bone marrow transplantation. In total he got a high amount of irradiation to the whole brain - 36 Gy. Now he has difficulties in memory, finding words, thinking process, reading. He is now 18. I wonder, do these kind of problems keep worsening as time passes?


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    I've had full brain irradiation as well, head and spine actually.


    Diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor medulloblastoma at age 2 and 8 months.


    I've developped strategies to overcome these challemges but with a lot of of private help.


    Am 26 now and going to be soon 27