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I went to Seattle for my treatment because medical resources are limited on Kauai. While I was there I met Terry, Aunt of Liz, who told me about this forum. Liz was a lifesaver, helping me to view this disease differently and giving me lots of practical advice. I finished treatment on June 13th and my burns are finally clearing up.  They dont have me going back for my post treatment scan till September.  Is this amount of time normal?  I guess my fear is that if it's spread, don't we want to know that sooner rather than later? I'm concerned about my lungs. Thanks for listening, June


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    Hi June!

    Congrats on the completion of your treatment!  I'm glad you are healing up and are home again.  Seattle has some great doctors and medical facilities, so I'm sure you were in good hands there.  I hope you were feeling up to seeing some of that beautiful city while you were there.  As for the post-treatment scan, 3 months is a reasonable time to wait and pretty much the norm.  If scans are done sooner, specifically at PET scan, radiation still at work and/or inflammation can cause false positives, which you do not want.  It's best to wait at least 3 months to lessen the chance of that happening.  I think your doctors are right on the mark.  Try not to worry.  This treatment is very effective and I believe you will get good news in September.  Please keep us posted on your recovery and enjoy the beautiful Kauai landscape--it's so beautiful there!



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    Dear June,

    Even though I had rectal cancer I received the same treatment as you plus surgery. 3 month is normal for a check up. PET scan is probably still early, but a CT will be beneficial. I constantly worry about my liver and lungs too, but hopefully with time this anxiety will decrease. I wish you many years of happy and healthy years on beautiful Kauai.


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    Thanks Martha and Laz for your encouragement.  Coming from people who have been through it makes all the difference.  This discussion board makes me feel that I'm not going through this alone.