Help! I have Spindle Cell Sarcoma & I need information

Honey216 Member Posts: 3

I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma in '08. I had ABVD chemo & 20 radiation treatments. I've been healthy and had clean scans ever since. I found a lump in my neck back in October that was doing a disappearing and reappearing act for months. I was able to get in for it to be tested and was told last week this lump in my neck is Spindle Cell Sarcoma. 

Stage not known yet. Right now the first step is surgery to remove it, a couple lymph nodes, and get clean margins. Labs will test it to determine the stage, see if it's begun to spread and make sure they got it all. That'll determine if I need more surgery, treatment, etc. Everywhere I search to try to find information, I'm not coming up with much. I come across more info that this is related to pets more so than humans. Anyone know where I can find more information or of another support forum for others diagnosed with this?  I'm flying blind here and a little scared.

Thanks in advance.