Hair loss, Hair Options, custom hats with hair for women battling cancer

Hello, my name is Heather. My mother has stage 4 small cell lung cancer. She was diagnosed a little over a year ago by her team of doctors, they gave her a year with treatment and by gods grace she is still here with our family. She goes to treatment weekly and its defintally taken a toll on her and my dad. My mother is an amazing person and a HUGE INSPIRATION in my life. By that we've decided to create a very small kansas city based company called Moms and Daughters. I make custom hats with hair extensions sewn into the lining of the hat for a more natural look and its more lightweight than a wig.


Im not here to give a huge sales pitch or anything but im hoping for some feedback on the hats ive done so far. I have about 25 hats done along with some jewerly and scarves.

Search: Moms and Daughters on facebook or instagram. Im not sure how to attach pictures on here