Of special interest for anyone who may have or know someone who has a colostomy

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I found this remarkable article on Huffington Post about an aspiring, 23-year old model who has Crohn's disease and two colostomy bags:


While this isn't a cancer patient, I know that several of you, like my mom, have had colostomy surgery. My mom had hers in April 2013, and I can still remember how devastated she initially was about it. Even when my father and I tried to point out to her how much better it was, that her pain was so much reduced (she had an inoperable 8 cm tumor), and that the colostomy bag was barely noticeable under her shirt, she was very depressed and felt awful and repulsive to her own self, couldn't imagine that she would have to live with it for the rest of her life (reverse surgery was never an option for her). Thankfully, she did adjust, and finally came to see what a blessing it was because it freed her from the unbearable pain she'd suffered every day for the 4 months before the surgery. She's still a little bit self-conscious about it now, especially with some of the unpleasant chemo side effects that impact her digestion. I plan to show her this article the next time I see her, to show her how colostomies are not just a normal part of life for many people with major digestive health problems, but that a colostomy needn't discourage anyone from fulfilling their own life goals and ambitions.


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    I am 49...

    ...and have colostomy since October. It is quite challenging to get used to it. Still have to go to the bathroom 20 times a day to release gas and stool. Thus far it made it hard to work because of the constant interruptions. It made a dent in my self image too. I am much more reserved now. But it is slowly getting better. I can see that in a few months it will be a normal part of life. I have to adjust, plan and pace myself differently. After cancer everybody has to live with a new norm. Life goes on.

    Patients, time improves most things.


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    I like to say . . I have to

    I like to say . . I have to go to the bathroom . . . Oh wait I already am.  lol  At some point when you don't spend countless hours in the bathroom, you start to see the good side of things.  The only downsides are when it goes off in public places (boy can it get loud or when you have to undress in public places.  Until I got one, I had no idea that ostomies even existed.  It's good that this young lady is making it known so we can be more comfortable and not have to explain to everyone what it is.