How Much Green Drink Should You Take In The Morning For Cell Growth & Toxins Before & During Cancer

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Hi to everyone. My grandson, testicular cancer has come back and is in his lymph nodes. He hasn't started chemo yet, waiting for the biopsy in regards to if he has to have surgery, in addition to chemo. My question is, I got off the cancer site a good recipe for the green drink that I have made for him from the cancer site, but am unsure on how much he should drink to get the toxics out and all the health things in him. He's not trying to do it it to lose weight, quite the contrary, he's already very thin and am just trying to get the healthy drink in him every morning to make his body as healthy as possible. Am unsure how much he should start off with, how often and should he do that for maybe a week to see how his body accepts it before he starts drinking a little more of it. I know that people have had issues with nausea and things like that from it and I don't want him to deal with that before he even begans chemo. I've also made him some very healty smoothies to help put some weight on him at the suggestion of his doctor as he is so thin and tired already. Thanks for any help, as I am new to this site. 


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    How Much Green Drink

    My Oncologist told me NONE. I'm sure a little bit is fine, but the thinking he says is that green drinks have anti-oxidants and chemo drugs are oxidants, so you don't want them to interfere and affect the medicine's effectiveness at working. I stayed off of green tea, too many vegetables, etc. until treatment concluded. Now I resumed greens daily.