hmmmmm liver test elevated

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So I HAD RCC chromophobe.  Stage 2, 7.2 cm.  Right kidney removed in 2010.  I just had my 4 year checkup and my urology doctor said congrats everything looks good on CT and xray, see you next year AND next year is 5 years so after that I don't think you need to come back.  Sooooo that freaked me out.  Yeah 5 years but never come back???  I am not comfortable with that but I figured I will deal with that next year at my 5 year.  So then almost as an afterthought he said your bloodwork looks good but there is one liver test that is slightly elevated but if anything was wrong other stuff would be elevated as well and I shouldnt worry about it.  I thought...are you new...did we just meet??  So I am trying not to worry and live high on the 4 year cancer free thing.  so then...I go to see my regular doctor for something else and i tell her about the elevated test and she said to put my mind at ease she will redo the test to see if it was just a fluke.  The nurse called yesterday and said they were elevated just slightly and when i come in for my physical next month she will talk to me about it and not to she new?  I worry.  So then I am doctor google and I find stuff like....Slight elevations of ALT and AST could be a sign of metastic liver cancer and stuff like that.  So, here are my test numbers and if anyone is reading this and knows what your numbers are or anything about liver enzymes...feel free to tell me i am crazy and this is totally normal.


AST 23

ALT 65



AST 38

ALT 74

Thank you very much.  I think the worse thing about ever having cancer was not the is the paranoia that it will come back.  uggg.  But yeah...happy thoughts.  :)



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    Elevated Liver Stuff

    I did have one number elevated on my many tests last year, but when I came back 6 weeks later they were normal. You didn't put the ranges down, and I'm not sure you can compare numbers from different labs without the ranges (somebody please correct me if I'm wrong).

    However, if you just had a CT and they didn't see anything, I'd think that is pretty darn reliable that you're good right now. If you hadn't had that, and your liver function showed problems, my guess is they'd do a CT to see if they see any lesions. It seems to me you're elevated liver blood work isn't likely RCC and the only thing to do is to watch it.

    No offense intended, but there are lots of other reasons that liver blood work can be out of whack including drinking regularly/alot and many other diseases. I'd trust your doctor and just go back and have it checked out. You are most likely fine at least as RCC goes. You're getting outside the curve of likely metastatic disease returning.

    (I mention the drinking because one of my best friends just mentioned he had a check up and his liver enzymes were out of whack and have been before and getting a little worse, and he knows it's probably his regular, daily drinking.)

    Hope you can stop worrying about it and that when they check it next time it's all back to normal.


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    To me, those numbers are not

    To me, those numbers are not high... near the high end of the range, but within range.. I show that AST should be under 40 and ALT should be under 80.  No if you want high, then when I was at ALT - 930 and AST at 361.

    Drink more water.... is what I suggest.