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Hi all. I just joined the network. Let me start off by saying how thankful I am to have a group to post thoughts and questions. We live in an information age and I am glad.

Short and quick, I had a mammogram and cancer was caugh in May. I have already had a double mastectomy with reconstruction.  During my recovery, I have time to research and review, revisit all Oncologists and Oncology Radiologists.  I am finding tons of information on people who have had chemo plus radiation, chemo no radiation, but very little on radiation only no chemo, all of this post mastectomy.  Can you help me out?




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    Hi Andrea

    Ladies here will give you excellent information about your question.  I understand loosely that it depends on type of cancer, grade, stage, node involvement with or without mastectomy.


    i had one side Infiltrating Lobular for instance Estrogen Positive.  So, by accident they found it in the other side so bilateral.  Only chemo.  I only had chemo because of the size of the one tumor, it just was big enough that the rules say to do it.  The other side was many pre cancer cells one active area same cancer type.  So every case different.  


    Sometimes it can depend your oncologists thoughts.  You do gave the final say, though it would be like swimming up stream........

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    I agree with its seeming to

    I agree with its seeming to hinge on stage/what was affected.

    Because of what I had on my left side, I was classified as IIIA.  (One lymph node affected and a large tumor).  I had chemo.  I had rads just on that side.  Having the beginnings of bc on the right, I did opt for a double mastectomy because I did not want to have to mess with this more than once.  

    It was after the pathology results were out that chemo was added to my treatment.  Otherwise, it as looking like rads and hormonal therapy.

    Different DRs handle this differently.  You have to have confidence in yours.

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    Welcome Andrea,

    I'm sorry you were diagnosed with breast cancer. I hope your recovery is soothed by the many beautiful, encouraging sisters on this site as mine was.

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    Ballerina said:


    Welcome Andrea,

    I'm sorry you were diagnosed with breast cancer. I hope your recovery is soothed by the many beautiful, encouraging sisters on this site as mine was.

    One of my favorite free (and reliable) resources 

    And I see they've updated them and divided them into stages.  NCCN is the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.  One of the things they do is set standards of care guidelines that are helpful to both clinicians and patients.  These booklets are easy to read and understand - and if not, you can discuss with your oncologist.  They provide a good baseline of information as we go through our journey.

    Welcome to our group.  Sorry you're here, but hope we can help you by sharing our experiences.


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    Welcome to the club no one

    Welcome to the club no one wants to join, but, having said that, there is tons of love and support here. There are so many types of breast cancer, there is no easy answer to your question. I would go back to onc and ask this and don't hesitate to get another opinion. 

    I did the works: mastectomy, chemo, radiation and hormone therapy, but I was Stage 3 ID, estrogen receptor positive. I then had a lovely 18 year remission before the beast reared its ugly head again. Now Stage 4 with bone, lung and liver mets -  all in remission again. 

    Cancer is sneaky and deadly. No one likes chemotherapy, but, if it is recommended, I personally would do it. I strongly believe I am here today because I have stubbornly stuck with my therapies. I try and look at side effects as a puzzle to be managed and ask for help when I need it. 

    Good luck whatever you decide. Sending healing hugs and positive energy!!!