Has anybody of You been totally without symptoms but surprisingly been diagnosed with uterine cancer

It’s , anyway, good to be asymptomatic but it is insidious.  I got the alarming ultrasound pictures by a routine visit to my gynecologist in the beginning of June.  I do not know anything more yet, I must wait for the diagnosis. The inoffice biopsy test couldn’t be done because of a tight cervix and I’ll have my D&C on the next Monday.



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    Hi Henna:

    Prior to my diagnosis, I was experiencing pain, etc.   I went to my PCP who just indicated that I might be depressed and he also gave me an order for a colonoscopy.  I had the colonoscopy which was ok.   I was still experiencing pain and then decided to go to gyne.  He indicated that I had endometriosis which was probably causing my pain.  He ordered a laparoscopy and an internal ultrasound.  Nothing came up for concern with him other than my severe scarring which he decided that I would need a total hysterectomy.   It wasnt until after my hysterectomy that I was told that the pathologist found cancer in my uterus and my left ovary.

    Hope all goes well with you on Monday.