My mom diagnosed June 25 2014



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    Well it seems that I have cooled my jets somewhat. I had the job interview this morning which was stressful. It put me in the now and I wasn't thinking about my mother. 

    When I was done I called the medical center and found out that I need to contact medical records to get the pathology report. Then I was told that they do charge for copies. The the lady found out my mom is a cancer patient and medical records does  not charge cancer patients. 

    Then I went to the women's clinic. . .and the referral to be send to IEHP - has not been sent yet .  Why?

    The person that sends them - is on vacation and she is out for 3 weeks! I was told that the county medical cancer is getting an assistant to the ONE oncologist. I was told that the medical center will be getting all new doctors starting July 15th, although they don't know when the new doctors will start in oncology.  And another thing- instead of sending in the students first (to assess the patient) they will be sending in the big attending doctor first - and then the student follows since it would take too long for the patients to see thier doctors. (The doctors and staff realized after 15 - 20 years that their system was not working so after 15 years, they finally decided to change it up).  

    Then I was told to call IEHP back on Thursday to see if the referral came in. Then I was told to call the women's clinic to see if they sent it in if IEHP didn't get it.  (And it does take 3 days for the approval to go through once IEHP gets the referral. I'm guessing all in all, it takes 10 days).  Ugh.   I'm not sure which one is more stressful - the job interview I had today  or if I get this job (It is high stress I was told, lots of driving around) or if just waiting for the 1st oncologist appointment is more stressful.  . . .we were told we would be called once the medical file is in the medical records office - since we will need to go down and make copies.    Ugh

    Waiting is not that bad as I thought (at least for now since it has only been 2 days). I have a feeling if I get this job, I may be stressed out over work and not my mother. either way, I won't know anything. . .they'd need to call me for a 2nd interview and that could be - who knows when. Can't think of that.  We got a truck to fix, a car to fix, and a mom to fix. 

    Just a couple thoughts


    I am self-employed and I was diagnosed in June, 2013, had surgery in July, 2013 and started chemo. in August, 2013.  When I had my hysterectomy, I had to stop work and didn't work until April of this year.  I am a massage therapist.  I am fortunate that I had insurance but had a very high deductible that I couldn't pay.  My treatment was at a University Hospital (a teaching hospital).  I filled out an application and was able to have 100% discount since I wasn't working.  In my hometown, the medical facility had what was called "Charity care".    Every hospital has this according to my doctor.  So, that is something to check.  Not sure how California does things.  Hoping there is a teaching hospital around your area.

    Another resource is a Gilda's club or the American Cancer Society.  They can guide you to resources in your area.

    I was blessed with friends and family and a church who sent me checks to keep my household running.  Like the other women have said, the medical bills can wait especially if you tell them up front that income is limited.   There are so many types of cancer, mine happened to be a very aggressive kind and it was rare.  My ob/gyn oncologist wanted to get it taken care of right away because it is aggressive.

    The other suggestion is have one of your relatives or friends or acquaintances put on a benefit.  A friend of mine was going to that for me and one of my clients has a husband with cancer and one of their friends put on a benefit for him.  It was a big success.

    I wish you and your mom well.  I will pray for the both of you.   Stay calm, this board has your best interests in mind.  They throw out suggestions and comments with the best intent.  I've never met anyone who has been disrespectful on this board.  Only concern and love.  We are all scared and freaked out and have gone through the more questions than answers at some point in our journey.  I rely on this board to help answer those questions or gives me questions to ask the doctors.

    Take care.  I hope you get the job that you want.  Self-employment is hard sometimes.