White count drop

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After only one treatment of low dose chemo my WBC count dropped to 2 when they checked it yesterday.  I was very sick with vomiting 3 days after chemo and yesterday they did give me an IV because I was dehydrated.  I've had 6 radiation treatments so far.  All I know is I'm exhausted and have no energy and just want to lay and sleep.  

My cancer wasn't found due to me having symptoms.  I have none.  It was found due to having a CT scan for something different.  To be this way now is awful because I felt perfectly fine before.  

is the radiation causing the WBC to drop too or just the chemo?  Is it normal for one chemo treatment to drop your WBC this low?  


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    Dropping blood counts

    They're normal And, although yours may seem excessive it is not unheard of. The combined chemo/rads enhances the cancer killing action of the treatment and may be affecting your bone marrow and spleen more than most.  There are shots that they can give you to promote neurogenic to promote neutrophils and a transfusion for red cells. 

    Glad they gave you extra fluids, did you get an Rx for Ativan?  Most lung cancers are found by accident, when drs are looking at X-rays or CTs for something else.  


    Edit to add neulasta can help with neutrophil growth, too.