5 year mark and still scared "it" will come back

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I made it to the 5 year mark. However, I am still nervous at every appointment or any pain or weird feeling in my body. I was only 30 when I had breast cancer and have gone through every precautionary surgery. I try to be positive, but I am worried about when and if the cancer will come back. Any survivors have any advice?


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    I am positive

    I'm IBC and Aug will be my 5yrs since DX and still NED.  I am positive that I will do everything possible I can to enjoy/experience every minute I have.  There are no guarantees as to what 'tomorrow' brings to any of us.  IF 'something' comes back, then it gets dealt with.

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    I had decided that I was not

    I had decided that I was not going to worry about what the future may hold.  I know that I have done what I needed to do to get rid of the cancer.  I was barely into the IIIA stage.  (I had a double mastectomy because I really had a problem on one side with one type of bc; on the other side, I was showing signs of another type of bc.  I also did chemo and then rads.)

    I had decided, during my ordeal that I was not going to worry about what MIGHT be because whatever that was may not actually happen.  Then I would have worried for nothing.  I would just go on with life.

    I am almost two years past my final chemo (then rads).  I am on hormonal therapy.  My oncologist has plans for me to do that for ten, rather than five years.  He says that with how things look at this point, I could last another 30 years. 

    I feel very well.  There are times when I can't believe I was where I was -- until I see the scars.  My friends and family tell me  that if no one knew I had battled bc -- and done that aggressively -- they would have no idea that I was a person with bc in remission, maybe even beat forever.

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    Most of us feel the same way.

    Most of us feel the same way.  A pain, ache, memory loss, spasms etc.  We don't know what is round the corner.  Try to spend time doing positive things that make you feel good and you enjoy.  Spend time with upbeat friends or family, these can be contagious, there is nothing like laughter.  If you have a concern just make an appointment to get checked out and if all well pick up where you left off.  If something happens we are here for you, and you for us.

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    5 year mark

    I will start on my arimidex probably Saturday when it arrives in the mail. Just beginning and have to take it for five years and while taking it I will be also thinking of my cancer coming back everyday. When I go to bed my mind is on my BC. When I get out of the bed in the mornings my mind is on my BC.During the day my mind is on my BC. I am very happy to say to you CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  on your 5 year mark without it returning. Many cancers of all kinds return before the 5 yrs. is up. If you are on any hormonal therapy ask your ONC to keep you on it for another 5 yrs. This is what alot of ONC are doing now. If I reach the 5 yr. mark I am going out to celebrate. This is what you should do. Look at it this way, you did beat the beast for 5 yrs. which is great. Now go beat it for another 10 instead of 5 yrs. Hoping that things will go well for you.  Donna

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    sorry you worry...I try to

    sorry you worry...I try to to...i just go with the flow...and not stress at my tests..ODD for sure...


    June 28 will be my 6th yr since I finished treatments...but it's alway haning over our heads...that's for sure..



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    Making it to the 5 year mark

    Making it to the 5 year mark is an important landmark!  Yay!!!  Way to go!!!  depending on your initial staging, etc., you have a great chance of staying in remission!!!  Some anxiety about recurrence is perfectly normal and probably healthy.

    If your anxiety is overwhelming, talk with your oncologist.  Many of us need help with anxiety/depression.

    Barring that, I would just let the anxiety galvanize me to stay on my toes and be proactive about knowing symptoms of cancer, getting regular checkups and seeing a healthcare provider with symptoms.  I was 33 when I was first diagnosed back in 1987 and always, always stayed vigilant.  My cancer did return with the presenting symptom of broken ribs after an 18 year remission.  I was Stage 3 at initial diagnosis and, way back then, not expected to go 5 years, let alone 18 years.  I have now been Stage 4 for 9 years (bone mets 2005, liver 2013) and am back in remission.  I don't want to scare anyone, but  I just want everyone to keep doing regular checkups, etc.

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    five year mark

    I remember when I reached the 5 year mark it was a big relief..... but now I have reached the twelve year mark from diagnosis and eleven years from end of treatment (chemo and radiation) and today I just think about THIS DAY  and   THIS MOMENT.       I remember that I made a big decision at the beginning that I could not live in Fear.  But deciding and doing were two different things....as we all know..... because it is always way at the back of your mind that it could come back.   However, since I have lived a lot longer now than I thought I would...it seems to be a little easier to not think about it so much.   The oncologist has never and will never release me and I have to see him every 6 months still for blood work and Scans....and every time I go I get uptight....but that is just the way it is for all of us.   My diagnosis is  High Risk Triple Negative Invasive Ductile Breast Cancer Stage 3-A  .....I had a Lumpectomy and lympectomy then had a Port embedded in my right chest then chemo ( 5FU/Adriamycin/Cytoxin) and radiation...I think it was 33 days.      Later I insisted they take out the Port so that was another operation.   Had all the usual terrible things that we all go thru...some worse than others....but have been blessed SO FAR...with no Mets.   This year though I am feeling very tired and have no energy so who knows... I see a new Oncologist in August (mine retired...which scares me)  but we will see.   I hope and pray for you that you will be able to Let Go and Let God ....preserve your energy and strength until you have something concrete to deal with........think positive ....we send you love and prayers...all of us do.  :)

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    I always thought that the one cancer the 5 year mark didn't apply to is breast cancer.  One can develop a recurrence even up to 30 plus years after diagnose.  One of the sayings that I heard once was, as follows:

    "Prepare for worst, hope for the best and live each day to the fullest".  By preparing for the worst I believe refers to having a will done, what you expect as a living will and that sort of thing.  One is never to young to have a will and a living will.  

    Be vigilant on your health issues but don't overstress about it.

    Best to you and may you live a life free of cancer.



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    A Big thanks!!

    Thank you to everyone for responding to my comment.  Your words were so powerful! They have helped me look forward and not backward.  I need to remind myself to remain positive and to be thankful for my family and my health.  Thanks again!!