Feeling of Euphoria

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I had a scan yesterday and this morning the weirdest thing happened, total peace.  The scan is going to be what it's going to be but I woke up to one of the most beautiful days.  65 degrees, birds chirping, children getting ready for the last day of school, neighbors milling about on their way to work.  I declare this peace day.  Sorry cancer, I'm taking the day off and reading by my garden in the sunshine.  Going to grab a cup of something healthy and lay outside in a lounge chair listening to the birds and people enjoying life.  Peace to all today.


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    I need a peace day, so I am

    I need a peace day, so I am joining you!!  I was stressing about getting house clean for company today, while running around getting teens to and from school and exams and amusing the toddler.  Instead I am going to pick up and vacuum and not stress so I can enjoy our friends company tonight.  This is a woman my husband works with that has been one of the very few that have kept in touch while he's been on leave and I think she's coming to see us, not checking to see how clean the house is!

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    All is well, all is well

    The subject line is from a hymn I like.

    Enjoy your peace day. Enjoy nature around you and the heat and cool on your skin. Enjoy being alive. 

    I am so happy that you feel peacfull. (I was going to say you are at peace, but that sounded... well.. you know)


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    Sounds wonderful!



    Winter Marie

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    Now you have a reason to celebrate! Laughing


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    I think I'm going to do a

    I think I'm going to do a peace day every week.  What an enjoyable day that was, I felt like my old self, got lost in my garden.  I'm going to give my brain a break at least a few hours a week.