Have You a list of Phytoestrogen products, the are not good for everybody



I was extremely surpriced when my gynegologist found by ultrasound my endometrial hyperplacia that can be cancer or ”only” a hyperplacia, a pre-stage of cancer, I’ll get to know it after I have had biopsy in the Juli. I do not belong to any typical risk group. I have eaten very healthy food, I do not consume much alcohol. I have many children.


But there was one stupid thing that I have done for many decades. I have loved to eat soy powder with breakfast musli and mix soy in different meals, I just like the taste. And because I go to gym, so I have thought that soy protein is great for muscles. (I have not eaten Femi-Soya or any typical products from health stores)  My doctor told that I must stop eating soy which has much phytoestrogens.


I have read in internet that hop plant which is used in brewing beer, has phytoestrogens too! I have tried to find in google a list of food that contains phytoestrogens but I have found only adverticements  as Femi-Soya and recommendations to buy products like that! I found also Trifolium pretense that is sold as “useful” phytoestrogen product.