My beautiful mum has cancer & I'm scared....

Dear all you very brave ladies,

Mums story.... June 2013 discovered an absess in her bowel due diverticulitis on scanning they found a malignant (stage 1a grade 3) endometrial polyp, which resulted in a total hysterectomy. The histology came back all clear. in Jan 2014 she was put in a waiting list for a bowel op and temp ilieostomy bag. whilst waiting for surgery she had a follow up with the gyny who sent her for a MRI, which he said came back with no concerns. Monday she had her bowel op, which resulted in her bag being fitted but no damaged bowel removed as they found suspicious cells on her omentun and perineal and a mass near her pelvis. So they took a biopsy and closed up. Friday we met a MM nurse who gave us the results that it's endometrial cancer now in the omentun & perineal. they will have a meeting tuesday where mum will be discussed and a treatment plan and oncologist put in place. However a ct scan can't happen yet as mum has to recover from the surgery on Monday. I was with mum & dad, lots of questions were asked as I had done lots of reading but really was not expecting results of biopsy till end of next week! I was judt looking for explanations of what her gyny MRI results said... As they said enlargement of lymph either side of pelvis, thickening of vagina wall. the MM nurse explained the lymph could explain just that mum had infection somewhere not necessilarily the worst! It's hard not to ask 'why' and not look back & question. I'm trying to be positive but I'm a control freak and want to know everything & every step! I'm beginning to realise its 1 step at a time!!

any advice for mum or even this control freak of a daughter (!!) gratefully received




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    Hi Justine.  I don't have any

    Hi Justine.  I don't have any answers for you but just wanted to say what a lucky Mum you have!  You are a great daughter!  You have to be her strongest advocate!  She will not be able to think of things she will need to ask the drs or things to tell them, so you will have to be her scribe!  Think of all the wuestions you can before you go to the doctor and WRITE then down!!  Ask your mother questions before you go and write thise down!  Bring that list with you when you go to the dor and write down everything she says!  You will be surprised how much you forgot to ask her once you leve the drs office if you did not write it down!  Also, if you can fax or email the dr the questions before you go, she can have answers all ready for you when you go for your visit.

    You, your Mum, and your entire family will be in my thoughts and prayers!