My 6 old cousin was diagnosed with leukemia, but hes in Syria..

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First and foremost, i'd like to thank you all for taking the time to read this. To those who are diagnosed or know of anyone diagnosed, my prayers are for you, don't give up and stay strong.

I would like you all to meet Kirles (pronounced Carlos):

Carlos was diagnosed with leukemia a few months back:

For those who don't know, their has been alot of fighting going in Syria and the country is currently going through a civil war. As a result, the treatment necessary for Kirles is not available.

The reason I made this post is to ask, what in Gods name can I do for this boy? I got into contact with the SickKids hospital in Toronto but sadly they couldn't do anything. Is their something available for the boy that i don't know?

I've just been emailing and contacting hospitals near the child's country to see if theirs any sort of treatment for international children. Is their anything else I can do or something im not aware of?

Cancer has taken many from me but i"m not sure how ill take losing this boy. What gets to me the most is the fact that theirs treatment available out their but just not available to kirles. Do I just sit here and watch him slowly go? Its beyond sickening....

Again, I think you all for reading this.


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    Sorry about your little cousin. I hope he feels better


    Israel Cancer Association

    Beit Mati

    7 Revivim Street

    IL - 5310302 Givatayim


    Telephone: +972-3-572.16.16

    Fax: +972-3-571.95.78

    ICA's Website:

    Ms. Noëmie Rubinsztejn

    International Relations Coordinator

    Telephone: +972-3-572.16.58


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    Hello, Look for hope...I just

    Hello, Look for hope...I just joined this network & you are my first contact!....I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. I realize some time has gone by and I don't know your current situation, but I will share something with you that I discovered while researching alternative therapies for my spouse who had a very aggressive, very rare form of Leukemia. ( She chose conventional medicine and had a transplant, and although she is still alive 4 years later, it has been 4 years of debilitating side effects, constant hospital visits, major medication reactions and severe GVHD symptoms.) One thing I would suggest doing is trying to reduce benzene exposure, as it is listed as one of the causes of leukemia. Unfortunately benzene is in many modern products...soda pop, gasoline, laundry dryer sheets, plastics, paraffin candles...the list goes on. And childhood leukemia is higher in populations that have been exposed to pesticides ( like near golf courses.)

    Apparently sodium selenite, a form of Vit. B, is quite effective for leukemia, coupled with a diet low in methionine (this is a diet high in friuts, veggies, nuts, seeds, and legumes and low in meats, fish, eggs and dairy). Here is the website where you can find information. They have a branch in the UK now as well and quite possibly a representative in the EU.

    There is also a product called Protocel, available through this link, that also does well in annihalating cancer in general and leukemia as well.

    I have lost many friends to cancer, my grandmother, mother, sister, (all the women in my mother's line have died of reproductive cancer in their 40's except my mom who changed her diet and chose alternative medicine, she lived to 77) and my sister and I were tested for the BRCA 1 & 2 gene. I tested positive for BRCA 1, she died before we got her results. I am in my mid-50's and am going strong! I believe in epigenetics, that genes are not our destiny, that we can turn genes on and off through diet, stress reduction, reducing toxins and exploring our spiritual nature and releasing past trauma. There are many resources out there now on how to heal cancer naturally, and after my experience in the medical industry where I almost lost my beloved multiple times, I am trying those techniques first. There is hope...sometimes it is right outside our door. There may be a natural healer close to your cousin who can help.

    It is very important to educate not give in to apathy, instead, become a detective and find out the causes of the disease. Read everything you can about cancer are a couple of resources to get you started...  

    This is a site for Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapty, where they use 5-10% of the chemo with little or no side effects and very effective in eradicating cancer. I don't know why every medical institution is not using this technique.

    This is a great book that describes 10+ natural, safe cancer cures with many resources...

    I hope this helps and is not too overwhelming for you...

    I send you prayers of peace and light during these challenging times, and I sincerely wish that you are finding your hope...and know that, whatever the outcome, we are spirit energy that never dies, just changes into different forms, so take a few deep breaths and know that you are held by Nature, Spirit, the infinite community that we are all part of....blessings...