Thought this was interesting...

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It seems HNC is starting to get on the cancer things are being approved every other month or so (or at least I've seen more in the last 6 months).


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    nice find

    Hey P,

    Good to learn about better diagnostic tools. Sounds a whole lot better than the way node surgery is done today. Like, let's cut a string out of these nodes and check them out for cancer. Sure seems like a hunt and peck approach. It made wonder about PET and CT w/contrast. Aren't those test supposed to highlight where the cancer is present? Hopefully this new tool does a better job. If nothing else it seems more efficient and less costly and maybe less rads to the body. Thanks

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    wow, i think that sounds

    wow, i think that sounds promising!  thanks Phannie, for sharing.


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    That sounds really promising!

    I find it amazing that a lot of things like this don't already exist, actually.  It is encouraging that new techniques are being discovered all the time though.

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    Story of my life

    A day late and a dollar short.  Well, actually two weeks late.  With only three nodes effected it would have saved a boatload of tissue that got yanked out.

    Started Chemo on Wednesday, I had forgotton how much I hated this crap.

    Best to everyone,


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    Saw and read this one too

    Read the article.  Seems they put this one on the fast track for approval.  Found that kind of disturbing.  But as with all new advances there coming fast and furious.  There are side effects with this one, I suppose with them all.  If this saves people from needless selective neck dissections though what a triumph for our side.  Thanks for posting this one Phrannie !  Please read this if you're at all interested for future reference.  Knowledge is power for us all, and please always continue to hope for a better future.  Hugs sent !  katie