I'm so thankful

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I'm so thankful for all the advances in cancer treatment without which I would have missed so much these past 7 years.  I have serious hockey fever right now with the Kings so close to winning their 2nd Stanley Cup.  I've been a fan for 30 years and without the new treatments, my great doctors, and this board's support, sharing and wisdom, I would not have gotten to see them win one cup let alone be well on the way to their second cup.  I would not have been to a 30 yr. reunion with my Grand Bethel sisters (Californis state officers in Job's Daughters).  Would not have purchased and fixed the most beautiful, perfect mid-century modern home (we're still working on the home Smile), would not have spent time with my wonderful husband, seen my nieces and nephews grow up.  The list goes on and on.

I may have cancer, but I'm still pretty darn lucky.  Have a great weekend everyone.  Traci



  • UncleBuddy
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    I love your attitude!

    I'm glad you were able to experience so many important events in your life. Here's to the next 30 year reunion. May you be there with a huge smile on your face.


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    keep on keeping on

    It's great that you've done so well and are able to enjoy so much more.   I appreciate your sharing your unique experiences, Traci.    Together we all learn something.  

  • Lisa2012
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    .....thank you for your focus on the good things, it is a good lesson for all of us.    BUT, as a Blackhawks fan, I will simply have to say grrrrrrrrrrr....