Looks like we gonna start radiation on one area and wondering how that goes and what side effects or issues to look for? Thank you


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    Hi Baillee...sorry to hear

    Hi Baillee...sorry to hear something new popped up...assuming?   What area are they radiating and for how long?  My husband hasn't.had radiation for this cancer but many others here have and I'm sure they can give you some insight.

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    I did six weeks, or 30 radiation treatments. Before I go on, I'm sure you know that what one experiences may not be what another person goes through. 

    Saying that, radiation was nothing short of Hell, for me. When I talked to my Radiaologist, he said that it is rare to go through quite what I did, and I know many here breezed through it, and your husband might just join that group. 

    I was very grateful, through, for those on here who did suffer, for posting their woes, as first, when I started going through the bad stuff, I knew it wasn't abnormal, and second, I knew I could make it out the other side. 

    One big thing, which all radiation patients need to be up on, is keeping out of the sunlight. It burns and it burns quickly. I am ten months out of radiation, and I still, to this day, burn within minutes. 

    Drink LOTS and LOTS of fluids. For me, it was water, water, water. I found that helped. Keeping hydrated is a must.

    If the radiation is going down to the anus, then get a stock in of some good creams.  Play around with different ones, to see what works for him.  I went throuigh tons of different ones, and came up with several that worked well. 

    Here's some info I posted to another thread. Its all ideas, and this is what worked for me. 

    So, when it was really, really bad I used Polysporin. The burn was constant and that was really the only thing that would tame it, for a while. Once the painful burn abated and the itch (oh, the itch. It truly drove me to distraction) and irritation came I used (and still use) Burt's Bees Lemon & Vitamin Oil (Bath & Body Oil also called Mama Bee Nourishing Vit E Oil).  I also use/used and really love Bio-Oil. which soothes and heals the skin and is also wonderful on any surgical scars (and my arms and legs). I love it! It does have a slightly floral smell, which is undetectable when you use it on your bum, so will be fine for a man.    I also used Aubrey Pure Aloe Vera, which is Organic. Its pure, so its not a gel but a liquid. Very runny. Because its pure (the gel has an additive that keeps it fresh) you keep it in the fridge, and so it goes on cold and feel soooooooo good on the burn. I think I liked it for that instant coolness, but I liked the others for the calming and the healing. I also used Aquaphor and Eucerin and one called CereVe. Like I said, I had a decent collection of creams.

    Diarrhea was a problem, a big problem and Depends became my constant friend. I was so very grateful for them. 

    I won't go into any detail of the real bad side, unless you request. I realize that some people would rather not know what might (and again, it might not) happen. 

    When does he start treatment? He will be in my thoughts and my best wishes are going out to both of you. 

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    Actually there has been a spot on his lower spine that suddenly took off even though other areas have been stable.  Surgeon got out as much as he could and treating whats left with radiation.  Had caused weakening in his legs suddenly which took us to er and found out it was baseball sized and compressing nerves.  Thanks for your insight and suggestions on the radiation and yes I have been here long enough to see how differently treatments are from one person to the next.  I'll probably be asking more questions once this starts, we will see.