Single or Double Masectomy

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Hello!   I am new here and would like some advice if possible.

I am faced with making the decision to have one breast removed or both breast. 

Not having a lot of luck finding statics to give me some idea of risk. 

Does anyone have any feedback on this choice? 

Thank you!



  • RozHopkins
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    Hard decision

    This very difficult.  Info says this then says that and gets us all confused.  I know one thing, which is, breast cancer can indeed come back even if double mastectomy is done.  No guarantees sadly.  They just need to miss one cancer cell.  But for some it gives more peace of mind knowing they did all they possibly could.  So depends on type, stage, mets etc. your Oncologist, surgeon and cancer team should be able to advise you.


    Mine was in both sides and frequently is in both, not traceable on yearly Mammos.  So hadnt a choice in the matter. If I was given a choice I think I would have done it anyway.  I like the fact that they match now in size, not perfect but very acceptable.  I won't have one pert and one dropping with age.  In fact, I never wear bras as feel too hot and they are a smaller size than previously were so no one knows.  A friend of my daughters asked how I was so pert  (at my age I think she meant) and had to laugh when I said, well they aren't real, she had forgot I had had breast cancer as only the young could.


    Good luck with your decision, do what you feel is best for you.  Other ladies here have many websites I am sure they will share with you that give those statistics you seek.  I prefer to go with my gut feeling.

  • Clementine_P
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    I chose double

    Hi MyTime,

    I had the option and chose to have a double mastecomy.  Just like RozHopkins said, I did it for the peace of mind which it gave me to think that they did everything that they could.  Do i still worry that my cancer will come back?  Yes, but I think that every few months when I had to go for a mammogram on the remaining breast I would have been angst ridden.   I am secure that I made the right decision because I wouldn't want to deal with that anxiety every few months.  It is a difficult and personal decision and I'm sure that you will make the one that is best for you.


  • camul
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    I chose double
    back in 2002, but insurance said no so I had a single. Went thru chemo, reconstruction... 8 years with ned. Have wondered if a double would have made a difference, but all that does is waste my precious time! Talk to onco. I would definately have had both just for peace of mind.

    Wish you the best.
  • 1blessedmom
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    double masectomy

    I had stage 3 in my right breast and was negative for the BARCA 1 and 2 tests. I'm a fairly recent widow with a special needs young adult son and in my case I felt I had to do what was going to be the best case for survival. I still have 2 sons at home who need me and I didn't want to risk getting it in the other breast down the line. I needed that peace of mind. I couldn't deal with the thought of having to wonder if it was gonna come back in my other breast.  My surgeon really didn't want to remove the healthy one but he was sensitive to my situation and complied. Now I feel when it's time to do reconstruction, it's like a clean slate. They won't have to try to match one breast with another. It'll match up without all the adjusting that has to be done. Now I'm just trying to regain strength and energy so that maybe next summer I can begin the process of reconstruction. It has such a strong connection with me in the healing process and bringing closure. 

  • wirak
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    I chose single - then double

    I originally opted for a single mastectomy, but when they removed the breast, they discovered a second tumor that was not picked up by mammogram, ultrasound, or MRI. Based on that finding, I went ahead and decided to have the other side removed following chemo for my own peace of mind.  It worried me that tumors in that side would not be detected as well.

    Best of luck in your decisions.

  • BadCatz
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    Double Masetomy

    It was told to me by my doctor I would need a double.  Triple Negative BC with lymph node involvement and Brac 2 pos.  They will remove nodes on left breast and sentinel node on right breast.  Surgery in the next couple of weeks.  Really nervous about it.  I just found this site on a paper my doctor mailed to me. 


  • lynn1950
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    Personal Decision

    I chose to have  a bilateral mastectomy.  My surgeon informed me that the chances of recurrence were the same should I choose otherwise.  I chose a bilateral because I knew I didn't want to face the chance of a second surgery and to be truthful, for vanity's sake, I wanted symmetry and I didn't know if I would opt for foobs.  As it turned out, I was stage III a with an aggresive cancer.  After surgery, I underwent chemo and radiation.  The radiation really tightened the skin on my cancer side.

    I still, after almost 6 years, have not opted for plastic surgery and I don't wear a prosthesis, so I am glad that I made the choice to have both breasts removed. The actual surgery and recovery were not as hard as I imagined beforehand.  It is not an easy choice.  Only you know what is best for you.  Lynn oxoxox