Blood Clot, post treatment

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I finished chemo and radiation two weeks ago, today. Then, I finally got my urinary catheter out on Wednesday, May 28th after 15 days of having it in. That same day I suddenly had horrible pain in my left calf. I thought maybe I had been walking weird due to the cath and waited for it to improve. This morning I woke up with the same severe pain that started a couple of days ago. I went to the ER and they did an ultrasound....I have a large blood clot behind my left knee. I have Factor V Leiden, pluse the cancer treatment and they said that makes me more at risk for clotting. The protocol is brutal! I have to do 2 injections in my stomach every day, of Lovenox and take Coumadin. At least they don't keep you in the hospital anymore...just send you home with "signs" to look for in case the clot comes loose and goes to the lungs or brain. This process can take weeks or months before the clot dissolves....IF it dissolves. Oh and I have a UTI on top of all this. 

This is actually much scarier than the anal cancer and VERY painful, too. 

Really, really tired of all this. I just want my life back....


Anyone else deal with blood clot issues?


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    I know it's of little consolation that I have not had issues with blood clots.  I'm dealing with some other issues post treatment (last treatment 1/11/14).  But this is about you!  I have read your posts and have been struck by your positivity.  Don't let that go now.  You are feeling down now, rightfully so, but you will get past this just as you got through the treatment.  

    I hope someone comes along with some sage advice. I hope you are feeling better quickly!  My thoughts are with you.

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    Blood Clots

    I can certainly understand your fearfulness after finding out this is a blood clot.  They are very serious and I'm glad a proper diagnosis has been made and you are being treated.  The injections do not sound like fun at all and I hope you will manage all of that okay.  I'm very sorry that after completing treatment for cancer, you now have to deal with this.  You are strong, so you'll get through this.  I send you good thoughts and prayers!

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    So sorry to hear you have to endure more health issues after your treatment when you need to heal, I am sending positive energy and paryers your way.