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I have been fighting Melanoma since October, 2010! It began with a mole on my left flank. I have had 5 major surgeries, chemo (Interlukin2 & Decarbizine), & Radiation. Now it has gone to my left lung & I have been diagnosed as Stage 4. I have had one treatment of Yervoy & will take the 2nd treatment tomorrow. I have experienced Diarrhea for 5 days & am treating it with Lomotil & Predinsone.  I would love to hear from others who have taken Yervoy & learn how you have coped with the side effects!


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    i am so very sorry and hope

    i am so very sorry and hope this treatment will help.  I do not know about yervoy only that it may be offered to me. 

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    Diaries is the common side

    Diaries is the common side effect with the Yervoy treatment as it also disturb intestinal flora,. You should have strictly follow nutrient diet without consuming any spicy or fried products.