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Hi all,

First off, I know I don't know you and I know y'all sure as Hell don't know me, but I'm really desperate for someone (maybe more) to just talk to.

I'm Samantha (not my real name, but close enough) and I moved from NYC to GA to suppprt my parents in my mother's battle. She has Stage 3 lung cancer, of a type that usually only effects geriatric Asian men (can't remember the name off the top of my head, but I'll let you know later!) For the record, my mother is, well, a woman, not all that old (69), and not Asian in the least (German/Scottish). It was the luck of the unfortunate draw that she developed this in the first place.

I moved back home really so that my parents (married 50 years) can have my support. I have siblings, but they live in Europe and so I'm the one that actually has to deal with this on a day-to-day basis. Thank God, Mom seems to be doing fine outside of 2 days of post-chemo nausea, but...I'm not doing so well myself, psychologically anyway.

If anyone can get in touch with me and, I dunno, maybe give me some advice on how to get through this, I'd be so greatful. I'd say NEGU, but to be honest, "F-ck cancer" is more my style.




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    Hi "Samantha"

    Hi, I am Rachel, my mom has been dealing with uterine cancer since 2012. I am an only child and move my parents closer to me so I can be her caregiver. Here's what I can say to start. It's a lot of work...she will beat it or she won't, but either way you will be thankful you were able to be there to help her. I konw the cancer is different but a lot of things are similar across all cancer. These sites are great for information and support. my mom has beent through 2 types of chemo treatment, radiation and surgery. She's now on  a drug called Avastin. Ask me anything, I know what it was like to have the cancer bomb dropped on you and being the only child around that can help out. I truly am sorry you had to find this board and my prayers go out to your mom. This isn't easy but it's doable. She can get through it and I had to teach myself that people really can live a good life and still have cancer. 

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    Phone Buddy program

    There are two good ones I am aware of and they match you with a caregiver who shares many of the same challenges.   Google the Lung Cancer Alliance and LUNGevity.  Also the ACS does have a 24 hour help line.