Anyone with nausea symptoms after surgery

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My sister who is 53 had colon and liver resection surgery April 15.  She has been so sick throwing up ever since.  They have inserted a feeding tube until her wound could heal.  Said she wasn't getting enough of nutrients to heal the wound.  She continues to be really sick and can't eat so went to the ER last night.  They did a CAT Scan and said her feeding tube had gotten coiled around and will have to go back Tues to get this fixed.  We are hoping this will take care of her being nauseated when they correct this.  They also said that her liver had new lesions on it since her surgery.  She can't get over from being nauseated so she can start eating and start her chemo again.  Has anyone on here ever had any experience like that?  Just wonder if they took too much of her liver.  I can't find anything on the internet.  We are all so down.


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    I'm sorry I haven't but I

    I'm sorry I haven't but I feel like action is needed. I would say demand an immediate meeting with her oncology team to voice your concerns. I use demand in a polite but firm way. I've learned to be a bit more aggressive through this experience.  If they don't listen call the hospital admins. It's amazing how fast yoy get result s when you do that. Your sister deserves better.

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    Nausea after this long...

    After the surgery is not normal And it can have many reasons: obstruction, the liver resection, lack of nutrients etc. you have to have them seriously check it out. She has to be in very good shape for the chemo, because that is very hard on the body too.

    Let us know and good luck.