Melanoma in georgia

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My Mom was just diagnosed with melanoma and live in North Geaorgia... I am looking for amazing doctors/oncologists etc in Atlanta or North Georgia: I know this survivor family knows a lot, and I need local resources...Thanks sooooo much!!



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    Melanoma specialist in Georgia

    I am stage 3c melanoma and would recommend Dr. Lawson at Emory and Dr Seay. There is also the Cancer Institute of America in Dawson I believe? I was going to try them after my next PET scan results because Emory does not do well with palative care. I'm 7 surgeries in, including full LND and have a 6 inch tumor in my left femur and spots in my eyes they just want to "observe". This concerns me as no one will listen to me about my pain in the tumor legs or the sight issues I'm having. Diagnostics can be a slow and arduous process, still these docs are considered to be some of the best in the country, it just seems like unless you only have a 30 day window then you can get lost in the system.