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In Jan. of this year biopsy was 1 core out of 12 w 5% of core cancer,PSA 9.4 Gleson 3+4. Dr. wants to start treament for lung(reacurance) and bladder cancer with chemo. Treatment 4 cycles with 2wks off after each cycle. A little math would put the treatment at 4mo. Question: thru this time period I asked what about my prostrate--the chemo is not going to help if the prostrate spreads during treatment of lung and bladder--the lung is 3cm and the bladder is 2c and these are and need to be treated now! was the reply.The master plan was to have the prostrate and bladder removed ---that was untill this lung thing came back to bite me. I'm 79 in good health and will fight this to the end. Not asking for a crystal ball to see the future but would like some advice on the prostrate---with the above reading on prostrate woul 5to6 mo. be to long to wait for the surgery to remove the prostrate and bladder--I fear that the cancer might spread by then and then what--if it gets out will they still operate if the spread is not much? I know this post has now positive answers but any words would be welcomed--thank you ralph


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    For what it is worth, having

    For what it is worth, having only one core positive at 5% does not seem like the prostate cancer is your real problem at the moment.   Since prostate cancer is typically slow growing,  I would tend to think that it is reasonable to try to treat the lung ca first. 

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    Quality of Life


    I am sory about your condition. With so many treatments ahead I would suggest you to look for quality of life when deciding what to do.

    Probably the RP can wait till recovery from the other treatments, or be avoided if such is possible.

    Best wishes and luck.