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GREAT results from my partner Steve's latest MRI at MD Anderson. Impression from radiology: Continued improvement noted in hyperintensity. The resection cavity continues to collapse with no evidence of progressive disease.

Steve continues to tolerate Valcyte well and has not experienced any side-effects.

Valcyte is an FDA approved drug that directly attacks the human CMV (cytomegalovirus) which MD Anderson Cancer Center, Duke University, and several other major cancer centers have confirmed is present in practically all GBM tissue but not the surrounding healthy tissue. Steve's therepy follows the approach published in a September 5, 2013 letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine as well as an article in a non-academic publication specific to The Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment -treatment-to-Seattle-223645961.html using the drug with a significant increase in survival time.  The study demonstrated that GBM (WHO grade IV) patients taking Valcyte on a continuous basis had a survival rate of 90% at 2 years vs. 27% and a median survival of 4.5 years.

Given the methodology in the study and available research, Valcyte is not a cure, it has to be taken on a continuous basis like a maintenance drug. Duke University is working on a vaccine that appears to be 2 to 3 years out on a conservative curve. I believe Valcyte represents my partner's best chance at survival to meet that curve.

This is new research following a 5-year phase II trial and if you google "GBM Valcyte" you will find a host of other articles.

Don't ever let anyone tell you or your brother that his "prognosis" is not good. No one can tell you that and no one should. GBM is a tough battle that has its casualties, but don't let despair rob you of your will to fight. Long-term survival with this disease is possible.



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    Excellent result

    Glad to see they have started to see the viral connection and act on it, BTW I.V vitamin C is anti-viral so is hyperbaric oxygen, both non-toxic.

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    Good news

    That is great news to hear. My partner had successful removal of GBM and is currently finishing radiation and Temodar.

    Can I ask if your partner received radiation and Temodar also?


    Thanks and well wishes,