Mental Illness and AML

OnlyOne2013 Member Posts: 1

My brother was diagnosed with AML almost a year ago. He went through several rounds of chemo and induction last year. During his treatment his mental state of mind started to worsen. He had previously shown signs of schizophrenia, but had never been treated for it because he refused to see a doctor. When he was diagnosed with AML, we didn't mention the schizophrenia because we were concentrating on the treatment of the AML. Also, when it seemed like he was going to go through a bone marrow transplant, we didn't want the doctors to decide against it because of his mental state. Unfortunately, we underestimated his mental state and things started to get worse. He started believing he didn't have AML and didn't need the transplant, right before it was set to happen. He refused treatment and we are getting no where with the doctors and social workers from the different hospitals. He needs mental help, but the mental facilities won't accept him because he has AML and the hospital where he was receiving chemo and was supposed to get the transplant at won't treat him because he refused treatment and they don't have an in house mental department that can adequately help him. We are at such a loss. It's so frustrating and stressful to see him deteriorating and to know if he could only realize that he does have leukemia and needs the transplant, it could save his life. We have a donor and he could potentially go into remission, but he just doesn't believe he needs the transplant. His mental illness is prohibiting us from helping him. We can't be the only ones who have experienced this. Any words of wisdom or encouragement are greatly appreciated. It's been about 6 months since he refused the transplant. I'm so very worried that we won't be able to get him the mental help he needs to realize how sick he is, before it's too late.