Pain when I sit (Just started to get bad a whole year after APR surgery)

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Hi all, I'm a year out from my surgery and suddenly I'm having a lot more pain when I sit.  Enough that I had to take off from work because my job requires me to sit for hours.  Has anyone else had sudden pain after a whole year out from surgery?  It's not phantom pains (I've had those here and there), it's physical pain at the site of surgery and slightly back from that point internally.  I do sit on a chair that is ergonomically correct so it's pretty soft. 


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    Dear Helen,

    As you know back in October I had the same surgery as you. I recovered pretty good as far as the surgical site. As I understand it, it is more difficult for women to recover, because of our anatomical differences. The pelvic floor is weaker and chance for hernias and fistulas. 

    Definetly have your surgeon check it out and when you get your next CT give it a good look. 


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    My physiologist told me a year out of treatment that sitting for long periods of time is not a "realistic expectation". 

    You are going to have to get up and move around about every 20 minutes. I am better than I was but after only one year I was discouraged like you. 

    I agree with letting your surgeon know however but a good Rehabilitation Doctor is probably who you need to see. Mine is both a Neurologist and PHysiologist at the MSKCC rehabilitation center. They may be able to give you the proper treatment for your disability.

    Good luck to you.


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    Thanks.  I have been standing

    Thanks.  I have been standing a lot more and it's not better yet but I'm going to stand more than sit for the next few days.  I'm due for a scan in July, I will make it for the end of June.