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Hi All... OK, just set up my summer travel...   And I wanted to get the travel insurance.  I know this has been brought up before... But, so I was reading the insurance policy info and the policy is available for people with pre-existing medical conditions.  So, I called the 800 number..  The regular policy for my trip is like $240 and the Pre-exixting policy is about double.  But wait... there is more..  The lady I spoke to told me that the "rules" are not what many people think..  She never asked me what my ailment is.. that did not matter..  the questions were"

1.  Is the condition stable with the medications I am on for the last 4 months...  Yes

2. Has my medication been changed in the last 4 months... No

Done, then my "condition" is not considered pre-existing and I am good to go on the cheaper policy.  There are a few rules, but nothing crazy.  So, as of today, I am insured for my trip.  If anything changes, health wise where I can not go, then I am covered for a full refund..!   If anything happens while on my trip they will pay for most everything... nice..!!


Here is a link to the insurance company... obviously I have no idea how good or bad they may be... but....



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    Pre-existing conditions



    I had a Cruise scheduled last January that I cancelled because of some upper respiritory issues. I had similar issues a year earlier. As it turns out my claim was paid because of a provision that if the policy was bought at the time the Cruise was bought BUT NOT LATER the policy included pre-existing conditions.


    Now for your case. Assuming you see more than 1 physician each has a record of your medications which you give to the nurse prior to seeing the doctor. From my experience each of the doctors records are not identical or 100% accurate. Say you have a loss and they request copies of your records from each of yur doctors. They will find discrepancies that have nothing to do with why you may have cancelled your trip. Additionally the doctor's notes, scan bloodwork or other statements  may raise questions how stable your condition was over a 4 month period.

    Get a copy of the policy beforehand (and read it). At least thats what attorney Iceman says



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    we have never bought travel insurance; the exclusions and hidden conditions are there.

    Speaking as an attorney, if you had to cancel your trip for medical reasons, they would require a doctor's letter and of course, that letter (unless he/she is willing to be deceptive) would say that you are unable to travel because... That may trigger more questions and lead to an exclusion.

    Insurance companies are there to make money and they make it by not paying; if you had to cancel, you might be better off with a one year credit.